LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 31: Katy Kennedy, an employee of Angels Fancy Dress, applies fake blood to her halloween costume on October 31, 2014 in London, England. Angels, the worlds largest fancy dress retailer, was founded in 1840 and has supplied costumes to numerous film and television productions as well as to the general public. The week leading up to Halloween is traditionally one of the stores busiest times of the year. (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

Halloween is right around the corner!

Do you have your outfit already picked out? Well, if you don’t, no need to worry. We searched the World Wide Web just for you and hand selected a series of frightening looks. The best part? None of these require you to get dressed up. Check out these 10 Halloween inspired makeup looks.


  1. Roy Lichtenstein

This is a rather easy look to accomplish and can be paired up with a simple outfit in your wardrobe. Just grab some colorful face paint and black eyeliner. You’ll look like a real-life Roy Lichtenstein painting in seconds.


  1. Ventriloquist Doll

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You’ll conquer the Halloween game by dressing as a ventriloquist doll. The makeup is also pretty easy, but does require some seriously huge eyelashes. Top off the costume with a frilly black dress and you’re good to go.


  1. Clown

Between IT and American Horror Story, clowns are all the rage this year. Dress up the spooky look by extending the corners of your lips. You’ll be pretty and scary, all at the same time.


  1. Adorable Deer

Throw your hair up into two fun buns and add this adorable makeup. Have a significant other? You can make them dress up as a hunter or car  headlights for a perfect couple’s costume.


  1. Fortune Teller

It’s gruesome but gorgeous! This fortuneteller look will really awaken your third eye. We aren’t too sure how she managed to get that eye to stay, but there’s probably a telling YouTube tutorial.


  1. Beetlejuice

Who doesn’t love the crazy spirit? With the help of the character’s core colors, green and purple, you’ll look like a chic version of the undead. Make sure to add a little cockroach for an extra effect.


  1. Web Eye

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For those who don’t like costumes, but still want to get festive – this one is for you! This may be a little bit more complicated than the other looks. Test it out, you may be surprised by your makeup skills.


  1. Sparkly Skeleton

Glitz up an ordinary skeleton costume by adding some sparkles. You can accomplish this look by purchasing the glitter color of your choice and eyeliner. Just like that, you’ll look like a fancy bone structure.


  1. Weregirl

Ahhh-woo Weregirl ????

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With colors that match your hair color, you can accomplish a basic werewolf. Use the pencil to contour your face in fake fuzz. People will be questioning if there’s a full moon.


  1. Harley Quinn

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You could pull this outfit off at work too! Just buy red and blue eyeshadows as well as hairspray. You’ll be saying “puddin” before you know it!


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