You know, in case you live your life on social media, or whatever. 

????I want to SEA the world. ????What about you? Beautiful shot from @michutravel ???? ????@seathroughlove????(Follow us if you're a sea lover????)

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The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island shared that they have an #InstaTrail around their resort and will offer “knowledgeable team members” to help them discover the most picturesque locations. They will also send you on the tour with what they call an “Instagram Butler” who will not only teach you some camera tricks for both your phone and your camera, but will also offer a yoga class that will be the most “photographable poses.”

While this sounds like a tour guide just being marketed around Instagram, I think the term “Instagram Butler” is a little misleading. I would assume that if you were being offered an “Instagram Butler,” it would mean that someone would be there to take your picture that was knowledgeable, not teaching you HOW to take the picture.

Like, for example, an Instagram Husband.


Now, if you’ve got an “Instagram Butler” that takes my picture so I look like I’ve got a doting spouse, then I’m sold!



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