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It’s been a week. The snow men are all melted, we can see our rock-lawns again and most of us are leaving the jackets at home in the morning. In fact, the spring weather we all have been craving is finally here.

However, there is that little matter of the snow day from last week. Well, it was more of a “threat-of-ice-day” but who cares what it’s called when you get to stay home from school, right? At least, my kids didn’t care.

However, now there’s the little matter of making up that day. When will it be? Well, CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara is suggesting Friday, March 22. That day is scheduled as an off-day for students, teachers and some staff.

CCSD trustees will have to approve the proposed day at their upcoming meeting on March 14. Star 1079 will let you know as soon as it’s announced.