Gee, we just can’t decide whether this job ad is real or not.  We’re sharing it because it just might be your opportunity to quarterback our Las Vegas Raiders during their debut season here in Southern Nevada…y’know, if it’s real.

Let’s see. The ad says the Raiders are looking for a new quarterback, and there are lots of rumors saying they might be ready to move on from Derek Carr.

Also, if you were looking for an NFL quarterback you’d want somebody “who can make throws” and is like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes. The ad says “If you compare yourself to Jay Cutler or Mark Sanchez this job may not be for you,” and yeah, who wants a quarterback like either of those guys.

Hmm…maybe this ad checks out.

On the other hand, the ad says your workplace is in Oakland, and the job pays $2 an hour, which is below minimum wage, so it’s probably just a joke.

Anyway, if you’d like to throw a Hail Mary and apply to lead the Silver & Black, the ad is below.


We're hiring! Quarterback - $2.00/hour - We need a QB to replace our current one because he is just not cutting it. Somebody who can make throws and isn't that much of a crybaby. Looking for someone like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes.