Would you be stunned to know that our fair Silver State is considered the most “sinful” in the country. And no, that’s not all bad, though we were a little taken aback at some of the details.

Wanna read the whole thing – created by “experts” you’ve never heard of – for yerself? It’s right here.

For example, we’re only #3 in the U.S.ofA. when it comes to lust. (We got beat out by Texas and California, and seriously, is California better than Nevada in anything other than traffic? We think not.)

Whoever decided that we’re only #6 in terms of “excesses and vices” has clearly never done a 24-hour romp through assorted gaming institutions, drinking establishments, and all-night diners. And really, if you haven’t wolfed down Moons Over My Hammy at 4am recently, you have no business judging who’s #1 when it comes to excesses.

On the other hand, we’re nowhere near the top when it comes to “vanity,” because here in Nevada, we accept you just the way you are. You don’t need to be beautiful as long as you’re engaging in some festive excesses and vices of your choosing.

If you’re not comfortable with all this stuff, perhaps you’d like to live in one of America’s five least sinful states. You get to choose from New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho, Wyoming, and Vermont.

You’re staying riiiight here, aren’t you?