Ronnie Gonzalez

Here’s 4 reasons why we’re reminding you that you’re alone and why Star 107.9 is with you! Without your texts and messaging about which songs you like/dislike we wouldn’t be doing what we do.

Star 107.9 is just lucky enough to be part of the ride with you.

1. We keep you up to date with what’s up around Vegas without the chatter.

Our weekly updates to the “What Happens In Vegas” ribbon allows us to tell you what’s going on around town, without constantly stopping the music to announce it. Less talk and more music is better for both of us.


2. Star Report tells you everything you need to know about your fav celebs.

Whether you’re raving about Adam Levine’s abs or Lady Gaga’s new book, we tell you everything you need to know about your favorite artists, without having to stalk them…or unless you’re into that! We don’t judge here.

3. Daily uploaded stories about that nasty virus that’s keeping us away. 

Let’s face it, there’s that nasty thing that’s keeping us separated, and in order to see each other we have to inform you about Coronavirus. We upload daily stories to keep you informed about that pesky virus.

4. You can always expect less talk…more music on Star 107.9

If you need pick me up music or something to drive along to, then we’ve got you covered. There’s always less talk and more music on our station.