Hi Friend,

This is a crazy time, and we’re feeling it too. Even if you’re not worried personally about Coronavirus, we’ve all got family members who are at risk, and our lives have been disrupted in ways that would have seemed unbelievable even a week or two ago. We’ve all got a lot of questions, concerns…and hope! 

While our daily lives are being disrupted, everyone at Star 107-9 wants to be there for you in this difficult time, and that means two totally different things.  We’re going to try to be your escape, your place to get away from all the messed up news and escape a little bit with the music you love (and, as always, with as little talk and commercials as possible). 

At the same time, we think it’s important to keep you in the loop with the information that’s most important to you. That’s why you’re starting to hear news updates – really, really short ones – on Star 107-9.  Also, we’re keeping our website updated with a Coronavirus Information Center that has the information you need right now all in one place.

We’re also updating our website – it’s at starradiovegas.com – with lots of positive stories, including news of local companies that are hiring and things like the concerts that major artists like John Legend are performing online for everyone who’s stuck at home.

We’re looking forward to all of our lives returning to normal soon.  In the meantime, we hope you know how much we appreciate you listening to Star 107-9 and being a part of our radio station!  If it wasn’t for you, there would be no point in our doing everything we do. 

We’ll continue to do our best to keep you informed, up to date, and hopefully somewhat entertained. We’re here, so don’t be shy, the KKLZ “talk & text” lines are always open at 702-739-9636. You can always listen at home through your Amazon Echo device, on the FREE Star 107-9 Apple or Android app or on-line at starradiovegas.com!

Please be safe, and well.

The Star 107-9 DJ’s