We haven’t shared the latest map from the Southern Nevada Health District in a little while, so we figured it was time.  The news, as you might have suspected, is good.  Mostly.

Hospitalizations and deaths are trending down now, but they’re still high.

That said, here are the daily new case numbers for January 24-30, which is the latest data the SNHD has published. See if you can spot the trend.

  • January 24: 2,172
  • January 25: 1,765
  • January 26 1,605
  • January 27: 1,417
  • January 28: 965
  • January 29: 555
  • January 30: 441

Okay, so the same rules still apply: be smart. Stay safe. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Since things seem to be picking back up again, we thought we’d celebrate with some pictures from when The Strip reopened last year.

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