Vegas is VGS.

Also, 102.7 VGS is Vegas. Okay, we’re not Vegas. We’re just a silly radio station.

But we’re a radio station that’s Vegas born. We love Las Vegas and everything in it. (Except for the blowing dust that ruins our hair when it gets nasty every winter.)

Anyways, what we especially love is music. Music from the ’90s to now.

You know what else we love? We love that we stole Aimee Thomas from one of our sister stations and Shawn Tempesta from Channel 13. (We hear he used to be on the radio somewhere else in the 702 too, but we forget where.)  You can hear Aimee + Shawn in the morning from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. here on 102.7 VGS.

Oh, and we love our new friends Cameron and Sammi Reeves who are on after Aimee + Shawn.

So yeah, we’re glad to be here in VGS…sorry, we mean Vegas. And we have some fun ideas for things we can do together with you — once we figure out how to push all the buttons on this funky sound board thingy that plays music and other fun stuff on the radio.

We love you, and we hope you’ll love us right back.

Listen to us on the radio! Or, what’s easier is hitting that “Listen Live” button that’s at the top of the page. Once you hit that button, you’ll be able to stream us from anywhere and everywhere!

We have an app too, but doesn’t everyone?

While you’re loving us right back, join us on social.  We’re @1027VGS pretty much everywhere. Talk to us on socials, and we’ll reply.

Can you feel the love or what?