• Adele is working on a tell-all documentary. It seemed like everything was going so well. She lost a ton of weight, released her latest album, the Oprah special, and announced the Vegas residency ticket prices outrageous. Where did it go wrong? Adel feels like she let her fans down with how the last 12 months have gone and wants to make it up to us with a tell-all. Will that make up for the residency? I don’t think so. Will I watch it? Absolutely!
  • Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomed their second baby. It’s a baby girl. Everything else is pretty tight-lipped. She delivered their second daughter in Miami earlier this month and baby and mommy are happy and healthy at home. Their first daughter Willa was born in July of 2020. Sophie and Joe got married here in Vegas in 2019.
  • Chris Hemsworth says his wife was never a fan of his Thor body. She said it was “too much,” He said that a lot of his male friends were like you look great they were jelly but then a lot of his female friends thought the same as his wife. They just didn’t care for it. Well, I am with the guys. I enjoyed his Thor body! I actually don’t know anyone would say different.
  • Jersey Shore 2.0 has come to an extreme halt. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that production was paused but seems a little more serious than that because they have pulled all lights camera and action out of the house in Atlantic City and they did it quickly. The producers were also seen taking down the no parking and permit signs that were dated from the beginning of July to August 6. Was I excited for the new Jersey Shore? Kind of.. but no love is lost if it doesn’t happen.


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