We all have had those moments when we are going to work out, get in shape and lose weight. It lasts for a little bit then you go back to popcorn and binging Netflix. I have tried it all.. boxing, yoga, barr, beach body. I have fun doing them but then I get bored or busy. I’m not sure which one yet.

My mom told me she found a 20-minute workout that she’s going to do every day. It had lunges, jumping jacks, and crunches on it. She did it and felt super accomplished until she scrolled down and realized she had to do it 3x with 60-second rest in between. So she took a break and decided she was going to finish later that night. (Not quite sure that’s how it works) But good on her that she started. It’s the hardest part.

That is unfortunately my MO. I workout for like 3 months and then if I miss a few days in a row, I quit. I am back on track right now though. I have a pool party on Saturday so hopefully, I can lose 20lbs in the next 4 days. I mean crazier things have happened right? If you need me I am eating broccoli and riding the bike in my garage that feels like a sauna!

Shawn started to work out one time when he decided that he was going to treat himself with a trainer and the trainer ended up killing him. He couldn’t even drive home because he couldn’t press the gas pedal.

Where is the balance? I need to find it. I always tell myself, even if I get out there one time every other week, that’s better than not working out at all right? RIGHT? At any rate, fall will be here before we know it and I will be able to cover myself in yoga pants and sweatshirts!


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6 Equipment-Free Workouts You Can Do Today

  • 20 Minute Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout -- Apartment Friendly

    This 20-minute full body routine is also apartment friendly, meaning there is no jumping involved in the workout in case you have downstairs neighbors or have a sleeping baby in a nearby room.

  • 20 Minute Full Body Workout -- Outdoors

    These workouts can be done indoor or outdoor, but just note that there will be jumping involved. In this video, Darryl Williams will show you how an effective workout doesn’t require a gym membership.

    This follow-along workout will include the following exercises: Jumping jacks to start the workout and warm the body up, steam engines to get the core warmed up as well, squats, burpees, supermans, which is a great back exercise, planks, rest breaks, imaginary jump ropes, calf raises, arm circles to get those shoulders burning, ankle taps, glute bridges, push ups, toe touches, mountain climbers, side planks, raise the roofs, and flutter kicks.

  • 10 Minute Cardio

    In this video, you will be doing 10 minutes of nonstop, fast-pace cardio using five different types of exercises for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off of: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, box jumps and burpees, some footwork and ice-skaters.

  • 20 Minute Full Body Workout -- Beginner

    Pamela Reif What made a beginner friendly workout using basic movements that are not too complicated or hard to perform. The workout sequences repeat, giving you a chance to get used to the movements and get a better feeling for them.

  • 30 Minute Full Body Crusher Workout -- Advanced

    In this video, you will be doing 30 exercises in 30 minutes, with 10 seconds of rest in between exercises. What’s great about this video is that it is easy to follow, as there is a preview window of what exercise is next during your rest time.

    This is the full list of exercises below:

    Warm Up

    Air Squats
    Jumping Jacks
    Dead Bugs
    Lunge Stretch
    Half Burpees

    Lower Body

    Jumping Squats
    Squat Pulses
    Wall Sit
    Glute Bridge Right Leg
    Glute Bridge Legt Leg
    Reverse Lunges
    Star Jumps

    Upper Body

    Pike Push Ups
    Pike Push Up Hold
    Hand Release Push Ups
    Low Push Up Hold
    Shoulder Taps
    Diamond Push Ups
    Back Extensions
    Superman Hold


    Low Plank Climbers
    One Leg Plank Right Leg
    One Leg Plank Left Leg
    Side Plank Left Side
    Side Plank Right Side
    Bicycle Crunches
    Leg Raises
    Hollow Hold

  • 20 Minute Core/Ab Workout

    This core-focused workout by YouTube channel MadFit is 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off of constant movement with 20 different ab exercises.