LVIV, UKRAINE - MAY 06: A 20-year-old Brown bear, previously held under cruel conditions as entertainment at a restaurant, is seen in it's new home on May 06, 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine. As the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine spread across the country, Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr took in seven bears from the White Rock Bear Shelter near Kyiv which is run by the Four Paws partner organisation "Save Wild Fund", in an emergency transfer. Three of the bears have since been moved on to bear sanctuaries in Germany but four remain. Opened in 2017, the Four Paws Domazhyr sanctuary now has over 20 hectares of land, with room for up to 32 rescue bears. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)


Relics of the late 90’s, tramp stamps are potentially making a comeback. made the case for the lower back tattoo, which was wildly popular during the TRL era, with pop starlets like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera sporting them. Do you want to see the tramp stamp make a comeback? We never really hated them, to be honest.



There is no feeling quite like hitting the open road, top down, wind in your hair. Shawn’s first car was a convertible! Well… it appears as though the topless cars are falling out of favor in some areas. Auto Trader is saying that UK convertible sales have dropped by more than half in the last 5 years due in part to it being just too hot for a convertible. Now that we think about it, Shawn’s family has a new minivan with a permanently closed sunroof because of the ball of deadly hell shining above. So, we get it.



If you’ve ever crossed a teacher, you know some of them have a way with words that’ll make you scared half to death the second they open their mouth. It’s a stern, sharp voice that strikes fear in the hearts of the pre-pubescent. Well, it turns out it also strikes fear in the hearts of bears. Debbie Tomlinson is a former teacher who was vacationing in North Carolina when, to her surprise, she sees a bear chilling on the railing of her second floor patio. A couple knocks at the window didn’t make the bear flinch, so she decided to shift it into “teacher voice” and the bear took notice… (CLIP) The bear hightailed it backwards, expertly and efficiently crawling back down the pole it had shimmied up to show up on her porch in the first place. No word on whether the bear was given detention.

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