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If you’ve dated long enough, chances are you’ve had heartbreak. Either by being the one having to break the heart, or the recipient of Cupid’s cease and desist notice. Today on Aimee+Shawn we talked about the worst ways you’ve been broken up with.

Now, Aimee didn’t want to write this because she said she’s never been broken up with. Which means (I say this without knowing for sure) she was absolutely the heartbreaker. I, on the other hand, have been on the receiving end of the “X”.

My first kiss wasn’t until I was 15, so to say I was late to the game is an understatement. I had to learn the hard way that love ain’t easy. My first girlfriend lasted two weeks. We kissed. I was “in love”. Which I said immediately. Because, 15. She didn’t really ever officially break up with me so technically I think we might still be dating, but she’s got a husband and kids now, so probably not.

I haven’t been broken up with via text, but I have via AOL Instant Messenger. I had an ex-girlfriend write a scathing LiveJournal about me (which she took down shortly after… we are friends now). Not easy out there.

I did learn how to break up with someone the first time I lived in Las Vegas. Always tried to do it in the most thoughtful way possible, but sometimes thought is too kind.

We got messages from tons of 102.7 VGS listeners who were given the ax in the lamest ways possible. From being broken up with via text (which is the lamest, most cowardly way out) to being unfriended on Facebook by your FIANCE… which is so brazen that we are almost impressed. What’s the worst way you’ve been broken up with? Tell us on social!

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