I have lived here for 16 years and I know about five people that are born and raised in Las Vegas. Most of us have come from somewhere else and for all kinds of different reasons. New start, for a relationship, for a job. Whatever the reason it is we picked Vegas because Vegas is AMAZING!

Let’s start with the food! You can find absolutely any type of food you want here and you can find it done right. You don’t even necessarily need to go to the strip for it either. You can find amazing eats on and off the Las Vegas Strip. Date night dinner, family event, or a quick bite are on every corner you look. Find top-ranked restaurants here!

Weather. I am from upstate New York. Where we do have seasons they are winter and July. It’s cold, rainy, and or snowing most of the year. Weather-wise, nothing really happens here. It’s hot. I will take the heat any day over the humidity or the snow on the East Coast.

Yes, the strip is amazing but there are so many other activities to do, sights to see, and memories to be made off the strip. If you want to take a trip on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, go hiking or take a sunset horseback riding tour at Red Rock, ride ATVs in the Las Vegas dunes, one of the most beautiful things we have done is the Emerald Cave Kayak tour. So many things to do and enjoy in Las Vegas. We may all have come to Vegas for different reasons but I think we all stay for the same. It is the greatest city in America!


Viva Las Vegas Baby!


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