English class

Let’s talk shower thoughts…

Why is womb pronounced woom but bomb isn’t pronounced boom?

There are letters that are just put into words because someone was bored. Why does tsunami start with a ‘T’? Why does pneumonia start with a “P”? Why does wrench start with a “W”? Writing, written, honest, herbs, the list goes on and on.

Why does the word QUEUE have five letters but you really only need the first one?

Laid and paid … they rhyme, as they should. But why doesn’t said rhyme with them?

Someone explain to me why fat chance and slim chance mean the same dang thing?!

The letter ‘W’ is clearly a double ‘V’ but why is it called double you???

Think about this one.. why is naked pronounced naked but baked isn’t pronounced baked?

The oldie but a goodie. Why do we drive on a freeway and park in a driveway? How about when things come to your house via car/truck it’s a shipment but via boat, it’s cargo?

The classic datadata same word but NOT. We all pronounced those differently.

Every ‘C‘ in the Pacific Ocean is pronounced differently.

I have a question: Every morning at 3:30am my alarm goes on or off???

Words that are spelled the same but have different meanings: 

bat – bat / desert – desert / lie – lie / second – second / overlook – overlook / row – row

Words that sound the same but are spelled differently: 

ax – acts / bawl – ball / except – accept / chews – choose

Their, There, They’re 

What are the rules in the English language? There are no rules!



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