• It has been just about a year since Demi Lovato announced that she was nonbinary she has since had a change of heart. She was on a podcast recently and said that she has been feeling really feminine and wanted to add she/her to her current pronouns they/them. People close to her say that she added she/her back in April but this is the first time she has said it publicly. She also added that nobody is perfect and people mess up pronouns all of the time including herself. Demi says it’s all about just feeling human to the core no matter what pronouns you use.
  • The Post Malone/Brad Paisley bromance is real! Post did a cover of a Brad Paisley song, “I’m Gonna Miss Her” last year but just shared it on his Tik Tok page last week and Brad Paisley just saw it and fell in love. Brad is giving Post all the credit on social media saying “this is better than me” to which Post responded, “there’s no shot, man…” Brad uped him one and changed his bio on his Instagram to ‘I write songs for Post Malone’


  • Willow Smith is on tour with MGK and she was performing in Pittsburgh when she stopped the show because a woman in the pit collapsed or fainted. She stopped her band and directed security and EMTs over to help the woman as they were getting her on the stretcher she told the crowd one of the best things about being human is to be able to help other humans and protect each other. This of course became a thing when multiple people died at a Travis Scott festival.



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