It is amazing how fast our kids grow. It feels like yesterday I was holding this newborn baby at the hospital, wondering what laid in store for him. Then, blink, he’s about to enter Kindergarten.

He might do it kicking and screaming, but he’s going to Kindergarten.

Colin is the kindest, but he’s kind of a “particular” kid sometimes and likes things done his way. It’s something I’ve tried to break him out of. He pulls a fit if he comes out of the tub first? He’s coming out first the rest of the week. He doesn’t like drawing on the OTHER side of a piece of used piece of paper? It’s all he’ll get for a bit. But when it comes to leaving his preschool and his beloved Miss Tricia… it’s been a hard transition.

We’ve talked to him about it and he’s put up a stink. “I don’t want to go! It’s boring!” “No! I want to go to high school!” Even coming down to making an improvised song about his not wanting to go.

It was starting to feel like he’d never turn it around, until we got an invite from the school to download the ClassDojo app, and he got to see a picture of his new teacher, Mrs. Revuelto. She seems really fun and sweet, and it caught his attention. I asked him if he wanted to send her a message. He did.

“Hey. It’s Colin. I want to play with you and love you”. 😍

The last few days he’s started to warm up to the idea of meeting new friends, and his new teacher, and as parents we couldn’t be prouder of him.

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