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  • Oreo is bringing back their pumpkin spice flavor for the Fall. The flavor was last available in 2017. The orange, pumpkin spice-flavored cream in between two golden cookies. Listen, that’s all good. I just don’t get the obsession other than the smell of pumpkin spice. I LOVE that, but I am not a big fan of the taste. I understand I am on the opposite side of most people’s feelings when it comes to the                 PSL. (pumpkin spice latte)
  • Days Inn Hotel chain is placing talking pillows in rooms. They say they are going to do it so guests won’t get lonely. The pillows have a button on them that you can press and the pillows say, “Whoa, those are some awesome PJs” and “I love having pillow talk with you”. The pillow is going to be voiced by Elaine’s on-again, off-again boyfriend David Puddy from “Seinfeld”.  Guys, what is this world? Would I love it for an excellent tik-tok video? Yes! But I think there are probably better things to spend our money on right? What does anyone else think about it?


  • Shawn and I called it from the beginning!!! We called it! The whole Choco Taco was a stunt and it worked!!! Klondike released a statement yesterday saying they are going to bring back the dessert in the coming years because of the uproar they caused by saying they were discontinuing it! Hey, listen they knew it would work and it did! Good for you Klondike. I have never had one in my life but bet your bottom dollar I will eat one when it gets back on the shelves. You always want what you can’t have!


  • I am so here for this restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. The manager, Tim Love has banned cell phones while people are eating. So when you get there you have to put your phone in a locked bag just like at comedy shows. Tim says he wants people to enjoy each other and connect as opposed to staring at their phones all through dinner. He also has a rule that men must wear sports jackets. It reminds me of old Vegas when everyone dressed up big time to go to dinner, shows, and gamble!


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