• It’s National Beer Day! Not only is beer good to drink on a nice hot day but it’s great to clean things as well. Fantastic Services says beer can be used to clean things around your house. The cleaning service says beer is good for removing coffee stains, polishing furniture, polishing copper pots, removing brown spots on the grass, and keeping insects out of gardens. I am going to fact-check them on the grass one. I have so many brown spots in my backyard. I will feel bad if all my grass needed was a sip of beer! Happy National Beer Day!
  • The dream job folks. Casper Mattress Company is paying three people to sleep on their beds. Yes. This is not a joke. I applied for one of these jobs one time with another company. I didn’t get the job but I tried to tell them I can sleep anywhere at any time. I love sleep! (I guess it’s true you always want what you don’t have) The ‘dream job’ pays $25 an hour. The new employees will come to Casper stores in their pajamas and sleep on their beds. They will then share their experience on social media. People can apply for the job on Casper’s website!
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s little league baseball card is up for sale! He is the founder and CEO of Facebook. His card going to be auctioned off. Bidding starts at $1. Get this… He signed the card in 1992 and then gave it to a camp counselor as a gift! She saved it for this many years and she is now selling it. I mean how crazy that she kept that card. She’s probably going to get a lot of money for that card. Good for her for being a bit of a hoarder ha!


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