400014 05: An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is parked January 23, 2002 outside the Oscar Mayer Elementary School in Chicago. Oscar Mayer kicked off a national classroom vocal contest at Chicagos Oscar Mayer Elementary School to recognize and encourage performing arts in Education. The school was presented $10,000 worth of musical equipment and tours of one of four Wienermobiles parked in the schools playground as a thank you from Oscar Mayer for helping to support the kick-off of the School House Jam talent search contest. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

The famous Wienermobile is in the Las Vegas valley this week and you can see it! No bologna!

Since 1936, Oscar Mayer has been using the massive custom RV to spread the world of their delicious cylinders of beef product and spreading smiles throughout the country. That first Wienermobile was actually scrapped for metal during World War II.

It’s been a while since those original days and the dawg n’ bun on wheels has been reimagined again and again. Now there are six Wienermobiles traveling across the country at any given time. They are driven by fresh out of college students who have a zest for life and passion for the frankfurter. Your kid (or you) could even apply to be a driver! (Here’s a link to the application PDF)

So where will you find the most famous recreational vehicle on the planet?

  • Tuesday, September 6th at Smith’s Food & Drug at Skye Canyon, 9710 West Skye Canyon Park Drive from 10am – 2pm
  • Wednesday, September 7th at Smith’s Food & Drug at 845 East Lake Mead Parkway in Henderson from 10am – 2pm
  • Thursday, September 8th at Smith’s Food & Drug at 450 North Nellis Boulevard at Warm Springs from 10am – 2pm

Make sure you are nice to Bologna Beth and Jumbo Dog Jacob who are driving the 27 foot long frank! If you are, maybe you’ll be able to convince them to blow the horn! It will play the “Wiener Jingle”!

The legendary jingle!

The “Wiener Jingle” is legendary and has stayed the same over the generations! Here’s a look at their commercial back in 1965…

Then again in 1973…

Then again in 1997…

At the end of the day, we are all still a kid in heart, so take your kid (and the kid in you) to the Wienermobile this week!

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