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Skee-lo said it best in his hit “I Wish”. Many of us wish we were a little bit taller. Well according to GQ, many are undergoing a pretty drastic surgery to do just that, undergoing leg lengthening surgery right here in Las Vegas.

Doctor Kevin Debiparshad is the founder of The LimbplastX Institute, who pride themselves as being among the best at the procedure. The doc studied the procedure and was so fascinated by it,

The procedure is not for the faint of heart

The article describes the efforts people go to in order to get a little closer to God. People fly from all over the country – heck even world – to have their femurs broken. That’s right, in order to gain some extra inches, doctors literally have to break your thigh bones to do this procedure.

Then, they drive adjustable nails into the bone and, over the course of about three months, ever so slightly extend the bones. One millimeter each day. Until, eventually, you’re taller.

That height will come at a price

While the procedure might give you pause, so too will the price tag. It can run anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 depending on how tall you’d like to be. The final result is, of course, unattainable on your own so if your height really bothers you, money is no issue.

Many people from all walks of life are getting the procedure, including engineers from top tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Las Vegas has become a bit of a cosmetic surgery destination over the last several years. People are opting to come to the valley to get their cosmetic procedure done – breast augmentation, hair restoration, leg lengthening – and have a lovely place to vacation.

So if you have the cash and want to get a “leg up”, have at it!

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