When you think of traffic in Summerlin, it’s tough to not think of the intersections at 215/Charleston. Major casino and shopping traffic, a bike and pedestrian path having to cross the roadway, it’s madness. Well Clark County is hoping to fix that.

The County unveiled new renderings on Tuesday that will help separate pedestrian and bike traffic from the busy road. The plan is to take the existing path and create an underpass that would veer off and travel underneath the Charleston Boulevard bridge, alongside the 215, and rejoin on the other side. The county will have to dig a tunnel under the off and on ramps, but don’t worry about a creepy dark tunnel. They intend for the entirety to be lit.

Bicycling has been increasing in popularity over the years. Charleston Boulevard with it’s connection to Red Rock Canyon is particularly popular with bikers. The 215 Beltway trail is also among the valley’s most popular.


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The need is great for all involved, resulting in less pedestrian/bicycle and car interaction on the road. That means a safer and faster commute for everyone. This year has been a fairly deadly one for cyclists, with nine being recorded through last month. Last year through the first 8 months there were only 4. With more people driving post-pandemic, and an ever increasing bicycling population, the numbers are sure to grow from here if appropriate action doesn’t take place.

Clark County expects the project design to be finalized by the end of the year and for construction to get underway next year.

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