When your kids are young you get the opportunity for a few years to pick out what you want them to be for Halloween. You only get a few short years before they start having an opinion on what they want to be and if you have boys you only have a few short years before they want to be the killer clown or the guy from Scream. So the stress is really high on making sure the costumes for years 1-3 are super cute!

The days are slim when you don’t have to ask “what do you want to be this year?” Once they are old enough to choose your window is closed and they will choose a different thing every day until two days before Halloween then you are scrambling to find exactly what they want.

There are two types of families in the world. The ones that plan out their joint costumes on November 1st for the next year or the ones who are st spirit Halloween trying to find bits and pieces of costumes to put together for their kids… I’m that one!

I luckily have a nephew who is the same age as our toddler and my sister is on top of costumes so she just tells me what to buy and when to buy it but this year we are stumped on what to make the boys be.

Roman’s first Halloween he was a giraffe

Halloween costume giraffe

Roman’s second Halloween he was a wolf

halloween costume wolf

Roman’s third Halloween he was a dino

Halloween costume dino

What is next for us? Wild Things and a Monster? Bill and Ted? Buzz and Woody?


Suggest what Roman and his cousin Bruin can be for Halloween this year!