There is something so cruel about the weekends. Friday, you work, but you know the weekend is around the corner. Saturday you rush around to do the errands you didn’t have time to do during the week. Sunday, you feel dread around the corner with Monday looming. If a new study is to be believed, a four day work week might become more common.

A non-profit group named 4 Day Week Global is backing a six month study of over 3,000 employees to get a gauge if a four day work week would affect productivity. Turns out it does… for the better.

The study is taking place throughout the world and finds that halfway through the pilot program, 88 percent of employees and employers say it is working well. So far employers are pretty pleased because productivity has increased by 46%.

The founder of one organization taking part in the program told Australia’s 7 News “They do more work in the four days. They come in more energized, and they’re more committed.” The benefits of a more well-rested and less stressed workforce has become more evident, especially post-pandemic when workers have been sent through the ringer mentally and otherwise.

How to sign up

Businesses that are interested in taking place in the pilot program can visit the 4 Day Week Global website and register their interest. The organization will help you prepare for the transition and help make sure you have a great chance of success come the end of it.

86 percent of businesses are considering keeping their four day work weeks going after the pilot program. Chances are pretty high that you, and most employees, would love an extra day off for an extra couple hours of work through the week. Hey bosses, if you’re reading this, c’mon. Do it.

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