Disneyland is called “The Happiest Place On Earth” for a reason!

TikTok creator Isaiah Garza put out a call for an amazing senior citizen to be a part of a video idea. First red flag: TikTok. His Craigslist ad said he was hoping to film a “fun video project”. Second red flag: Craigslist. 97-year-old war veteran William Goode‘s caretaker reached out. “He’s the sweetest human being ever! You’re gonna love him,” Isaiah recalled she said.

They agreed not to tell him, and she brought him for a stroll around a park. This is what transpired:


I took a 100 year old veteran to Disneyland & we became best friends ❤️ #disneyland #kindness #friends #veteran #bestfriends

♬ Steal My Sunshine (Single Version) - Len

Isaiah told the vet he had a downer day, and wanted to know if he would be down for a trip to Disneyland for the day. Goode was surprised by the offer, but agreed. The payoff is absolutely legendary. Riding the teacups, getting Mickey ears, the whole deal!

Towards the end of the video, Isaiah asked William how he enjoyed his trip. This is where you’re going to go from smiling to sobbing happy tears. William was so profoundly impacted by the kindness of this stranger. Many elderly, William included, feel as though life is behind them. That day William learned there was much more life left to live.

The video’s creator has an incredible story

Isaiah is not your typical TikTok creator. Only five years ago, he was homeless and living in the notorious “Skid Row” area of Los Angeles. Since then, he’s turned his life around and has turned to TikTok and his 8,000,000 followers to spread joy in the world, be it through trips, gifts or cash.

Isaiah says he’s not done with his new buddy. He is coming up with a “bucket list” for the two to experience together.

No matter how dark things may seem, there is light in the world.

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