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Penn Badgley attends the "You" Series Premiere Celebration hosted by Lifetime on September 6, 2018 in New York City.

Penn Badgley is a certified Swiftie, making his TikTok debut by taking part in one of Taylor Swift’s trending challenges. The 35-year-old You star posted a video Tuesday (October 25) to her song “Anti-Hero” off her new album Midnights.

Inspired by the concept for the song’s music video, Badgley ran to his front door while the track played in the background to find his creepy You character Joe Goldberg on the other side. Goldberg sings, “It’s me, hi! I’m the problem it’s me,” to a surprised-looking Badgley. The TikTok has received nearly 800,000 plays and over 200,000 likes. Swift even commented on the video, “OMG!!!!” with a starry-eyed emoji, while Badgley replied with the popular pleading face emoji.


“screaming crying throwing up,” one user wrote in the TikTok comments section, to which Badgley replied with a second video where he pretended to spill his guts into a silver bowl. “me too,” he captioned the clip in response.


“I’m on TikTok now. You have @nnnava & @scribbledbysophie to thank…. And of course @taylorswift . Btw my handle is @iampennbadgley,” he announced to his four million Instagram followers while reposting the video on the platform.

Following the release of the “Anti-Hero” music video Friday, Swift shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos to Instagram of her directing and starring in the video. She wrote in her caption: “Watch my nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time.”


Since the release of “Anto-Hero,” the audio has been trending on TikTok with over 84,000 videos using the song as the track continues to go viral. Swift herself has even taken part in the trend on YouTube Shorts with the hashtag: #TSAntiHeroChallenge, showing a photo of her beloved cat with the text: “Thinks her cat is her son” over the image. Another shot of Taylor full clothed in a bathtub has the text: “Self-imposed isolation” written over the video. Finally, Swift shows the number 13 written on the back of her hand with the text: “Triskaidekaphilia (obsessed with 13)” written over the clips.


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