It was disgusting! It was vile! Oh, and it was hilarious! Yes, today marked the first ever “What’s Up Turkey Butt”!

All last week we qualified listeners to come in-studio and stick their hands into a turkey’s rear, stuffed with all sorts of interesting discount finds we could get our hands on at the local grocery store. Inside? Tickets to some of the biggest concerts of the year!

Ed Sheeran plays Allegiant Stadium on September 9th. P!nk plays Allegiant Stadium on October 7th. And Taylor Swift, the tickets money can’t buy (first-party at least) for her show at Allegiant Stadium on March 24th and 25th!

Brittany, Macee, Peggy, Cassandra and Patricia all took time out of their busy pre-holiday day to come on in and go fishin’ for some amazing tickets!

Let’s dig into those birds!

Patricia went first, with her daughter looking on. After some swishing and splatting of her hand through the gross slurry VGS staff members Taya and Slone concocted, she pulled out Ed Sheeran passes!

Next up, Peggy. Peggy came prepared with short-sleeves for this adventure. She very quickly pulled out… our first zonk prize. Oven mitts. But hey, who can’t go wrong with oven mitts!

Macee was up next! With her wife looking on she began the excursion into what had to be the most foul fowl we’ve ever smelled. Shawn near puked, Aimee winced… it was terrible. She came out with tickets to her P!nkness!!

It call came down to Cassie and Brittany. One turkey had tickets to Taylor Swift… the other? A turkey baster. The pair went at it simultaneously and… Cassandra won tickets to Taylor!!

When it was all said and done, we gave Brittany and Peggy passes to P!nk as well, so no one went home empty handed AND we let them keep the baster and mitts. So really, they won more!

Behind the scenes, after all was said and done, Cassie actually handed her Taylor Swift passes over to Patricia and her young daughter who was really wanting tickets to see T-Swift! Don’t you just love a happy ending?!

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