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It’s an idea so smart, you wonder what they were on when they came up with it. Artisan Hotel Boutique at Sahara Avenue and Interstate 15 just announced they are rebrand to The Lexi, the first Las Vegas weed friendly hotel.

Plastered in black light posters of Bob Marley? No not quite. The property, owned by Elevations Hotels And Resorts, is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. Come this spring, the property will rebrand and become the first cannabis-friendly hotel in the city.

If you’ve walked down the Las Vegas Strip, you know that not everyone has received the memo that they can’t smoke in their room. Properties like Resorts World charge $750 for a room cleaning fee if it smells skunky. Suites? Try a $1500 fee.

The Lexi will be different, featuring a marijuana friendly 4th floor for anyone looking to light up.

This could leave guests feeling a bit hungry. Executive Chef Jordan Savell, who was featured on Hell’s Kitchen in 2021, will head a new “Cajun-inspired steakhouse” introduced by The Lexi.

The Artisan has been an underdog…

The property has always been in a bit of a step child situation given it’s location close to, but not quite at, the Las Vegas Strip. Signs often adorned the property encouraging people to rent the entire property. Now new ownership is pushing the property forward. They’ve already turned The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix into a cannabis positive property, this is their next challenge.

Nevada’s marijuana policy has been a bit off (imagine alcohol is legal, but it’s not legal to drink it anywhere), so this could be a huge hit. Whatever you choose to do, do it responsibly and now avoid the cleaning fee at other properties. $1500?! We don’t want that smoke.

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