Everyone agrees the NFL Pro Bowl of years past has been nothing short of terrible. Little defense, risk averse players and pretty much a three hour sleeper. That’s why this year the NFL is reimagining the event as the “Pro Bowl Games” and the event is definitely going to be different. Good different? Time will tell.

The Pro Bowl Games are not a football game at all, but instead a mix of different skills challenges that range from football related to just fun.

Tickets are still available for the event (quite a few actually) and the price is pretty decent to see some amazing football players play. But… play what exactly?

NFL Pro Bowl Games will take place over two days

Before you shell out the cash, know that half of the events will not be taking place at Allegiant Stadium on February 5th. Three days earlier, five different events will take place at the Raiders practice facility, Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. Here’s what you won’t be seeing at Allegiant…

  • Longest Drive – Golf balls, not footballs. Houston Texans players will probably be really good at this.
  • (First Round of) Best Catch – Think of the dunk competition but for catches. Flashiest catches will be voted on by fans, and the finalists will compete at Allegiant.
  • Precision Passing – Moving targets, buckets, long tosses, the works.
  • Lightning Round – This… we don’t even know how to explain it. Water balloon tossing, punt catching and dousing the other team with water… it’s all very different.
  • Dodgeball – This might be the biggest disappointment all. AFC vs NFC dodgeball will take place away from Allegiant and we are pretty bummed about it.

OK, so what is going to be at Allegiant Stadium?

  • (Final Round of) Best Catch – They figured out what’s what a few days earlier, now the best of the best show off for the big show.
  • Move The Chains – This is an American Gladiators type challenge with four teams of five pulling a weighted wall 10 yards using first down chains. Interesting.
  • Gridiron Gauntlet – It’s a relay race. 6 players on both teams (AFC and NFC) doing a whole bunch of stuff from running to carrying a coach and more.
  • Kick Tac Toe – Kickers and punters assemble. They try to kick their shape onto a Tic-Tac-Toe board. First team to get a “line” or land in 5 spots wins.

If we had our way, dodgeball would come to Allegiant Stadium and the kickers can head to Henderson, but hey. What can you do?

One thing we DO know is Las Vegas’ own Las Vegas Academy Choir will be performing pre-game, and the show will also feature country star Jessie James Decker and hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd.

Change is hard, but watching the old Pro Bowl was harder, so we’ll sit back and give this a shot.

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