You may remember the story of Frankenson’s Pizza. They were down on their luck, trying to get any business whatsoever. They asked TikTok foodies if they’d do a story on them, and they were being told it’d cost them thousands. Then Keith Lee entered the picture, who did an honest – and glowing – review for free. The restaurant is still slammed several weeks later.

Keith Lee was a TikTok food creator way before being thrust into the spotlight for his Frankenson’s review. His infectious personality and honesty has helped propel his TikTok account to nearly 11 million followers!

Creator Alexis Frost posted a “hack” that you could order at Chipotle that involves putting fajita veggies in a beef quesadilla. Then Keith Lee – prior to his Frankenson’s fame – posted his reaction to trying the hack.


#stitch with @alexis.frost “Philly cheesesteak” from Chipotle taste test 💕 Chipotle Sauce hack 👉🏾 @hasaneats 💕 would you try it ? #foodcritic

♬ original sound - Keith Lee

The combination ended up going viral with millions watching the culinary collaboration. That leads us to what happened with Keith this week.

Chipotle, in their thanks for giving them some viral love (and probably a ton of business as well), brought Keith, blindfolded, to their newest location at Las Vegas Boulevard and Warm Springs Road. The sign doesn’t read Chipotle… but Chipoltee! At least until Sunday.

Plus, the “Fajita Quesadilla” hack is getting added to the menu on the Chipotle app! Does it get any cooler than that?! Yes, it does.

Keith Lee gets another surprise…


Taking Over Vegas today with @chipotle 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic #chipotlepartner

♬ original sound - Keith Lee

Frank, the owner of Frankenson’s Pizza, swung by to support Keith and buy a bunch of quesadillas for his massive staff. Ever since Keith did his Frankenson’s review, Frank’s been knee deep in business, going from 4 employees to over two dozen! All thanks to Keith’s review (and of course Frank’s great food).

So, congrats to one of the “good guys” of social media! If you’ll excuse us, we are going to check out this Fajita Quesadilla because it sounds bomb.

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