The two major metro areas in Nevada are Las Vegas and Reno. Both are propped up by the service industry. Casinos, valet drivers, and of course wait staff at our favorite restaurant. With that in mind, you’d expect Nevadans to know how to tip right?


Toast, a company that provides restaurants with point of sale systems that you would leave your tip on, released their data from the fourth quarter of 2022 and we have a tip for Nevada: tip better.

Of the fifty states, Nevada ranked 47th in tipping with a pitiful 18.4% tip left on average. That’s right, all the blackjack dealers, cocktail waitresses and maitre d’s scattered around town have not taught the Silver State to be a little more loose with tipping for service.

The data breaks down tipping by “Full Service Restaurants” and “Quick Service Restaurants” and the data isn’t much better there either. Full service (sit down, waiter serves you) was tipped an average of 19.3%. Quick service? It drops off a cliff. 15.3%. Worth noting they calculate using card purchases only, not cash tips.

Nevada is near the bottom… who is at the top?

Turns out Delaware is making it rain all over their local restaurants. They were in first place by a full percent (21.8%) compared to 2nd place Indiana and Wyoming (20.8%).

When you break it down into metro areas, Las Vegas didn’t even show up in the rankings. First place went to…CLEVELAND. Yes, Cleveland is beating Las Vegas to shreds. Woof.

Which states tip worse than Nevada?

Let’s feel better about ourselves. We were 47th not 50th! 48th went to Florida, 49th went to Washington State… and 50th went to… CALIFORNIA! Wait a second!

Now that we think about it… Toast is just basing the number on the state the sale happened in, not who it was! We know Californians visit Las Vegas all the time. THERE IT IS. It’s not our fault. Blame it on California, like we do high taxes, bad traffic, and reality TV.

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