If you go “way back” to 1992… the average visitors to Las Vegas were over 47 years old. They were down for a cheap $0.99 shrimp cocktail, a Vegas-style revue, and maybe watch Frank Sinatra perform at the MGM Grand.

Fast forward 30 years later, it turns out the average visitor to “Sin City” is getting younger.

New research from the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority studied stats of the 39,000,000 or so people that visited our fair city in 2022, and it turns out the average age is just under 41 years old – 40.7 years. That’s a drop of 2.5 years from the year before and a significant downward trend historically. They came to that number by conducting over 6,000 interviews and extrapolated that data across all visitors. It’s the same way the LVCVA has been calculating these stats for decades.

Why is this? Entertainment options have certainly changed in Las Vegas. There is less “old school” and more “flash”. Cirque du Soleil shows replaced showroom singers, sports on big screens are met with sports in real life, and nightclubs have taken over every corner of the Las Vegas Strip. While we are sure even young people would enjoy a $0.99 shrimp cocktail, it appears as though those won’t be returning any time soon.

What else did 2022 Las Vegas visitor research find?

Research also found that international visitors are returning after the pandemic, and gaming spending has soared far above pre-pandemic levels. The average person budgets over $760 to spend at the tables – and our lack of an income tax thanks them.

Also, it seems in recent years there’s been a resurgence of younger visitors. While the Strip has mostly turned its back on the “family friendly”, “Excalibur” era of entertainment, one in six visitors brought family members under 21 to town, down a tick from 2021, but higher than pre-pandemic.

Finally, it seems like visitors are becoming more diverse. More Asian/Asian Americans and Hispanic/Latino visitors were recorded than in years past.

Las Vegas has come a long way from having to board up doors without locks at the Bellagio – and we are OK with that.

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