Without question it is one of the biggest concert events of our lifetime. Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” has broken records, nearly broke Ticketmaster, and has left nothing but a sea of sold-out shows in its wake. While not everyone will be able to go to the show, everyone will be able to buy merch from her tour a day before she’s set to take the stage in Las Vegas.

Now, we aren’t completely sure but this has to be one of the first times ever that an artist can pre-sell merch like this.

Taylor Swift Las Vegas “The Eras Tour” merch sale begins Thursday at 10am and runs through 7pm. This is a chance for diehards to skip the obviously crazy lines that will exist on Friday and Saturday. Plus, for people that are on the outside looking in, it will give them a chance to buy a piece of the tour. From t-shirts to hats, posters and more, you can be sure it will all be there. It’s taking place at Allegiant Stadium in Lot B – the far northwest corner of the Allegiant Stadium land.

In a rare twist, you’ll get something for free: parking. Lots A, B, C and J will be open for free parking to hop out and get what you want.

Taylor Swift is a music juggernaut and has already blown minds at her opening shows in Glendale, Arizona. Reports are her show lasts over 3 hours and Taylor performs over 40 songs. Don’t feel bad for her though, she is earning every penny of the estimated $590,000,000 worth of tickets sold for her “Eras” run. Billboard says this tour is set to make her the highest-grossing female touring artist of all time.

Take a look at pictures from her premiere before the Taylor Swift Las Vegas “The Eras Tour” shows…

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