The new Barbie movie will soon be available to rent on various digital platforms like Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu for $24.99. I feel like that is pretty expensive for a rental. You only get the rental on your TV for about 48 hours. Remember the Blockbuster days when you could rent it for a week for $4.99? Just be kind and rewind.

First of all, let’s talk about the “Barbie” movie itself. It was a huge hit at the box office breaking all of the records and still continues to do decent in the theaters well after its release.

Let’s move on to renting movies digitally.

While traditional DVDs and Blu-rays are still available, more and more people are turning to digital rentals for convenience and accessibility. There are some benefits to renting digitally. You can rent a movie from the comfort of your home and watch it immediately without having to go out to a store. You don’t have to worry about returning the rental and facing late fees because it automatically disappears from your library after the rental period is over.

What happens if it takes you a couple of days to finish a movie?

I am a busy tired mom. When I put a movie on I fall asleep almost immediately. If I do stay awake for most of it, it’s guaranteed that I will fall asleep in the last 10 minutes of the movie. It can take people a couple of days to finish a movie if they are busy. I feel that it’s a lot of money to spend to only have the movie accessible to you for 48 hours.

If you are in the business of renting movies digitally, just go to the digital platform you subscribe to, like Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, or Vudu, and search for the movie. Once you’ve found it, click on “rent” and follow the prompt to make your payment. Then, sit back and enjoy the show!

Renting digitally has its perks, like convenience, accessibility, and instant gratification, but you only have access to it for about 48 hours so make sure you have the amount of time you need to actually finish the movie. Happy streaming.

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