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McDonald’s New ‘Adult’ Happy Meal Complete with Collectible Toys

McDonald’s is reintroducing its "adult" Happy Meals, featuring a choice of one of six collectible toys. The fast-food chain, known for its inventive strategies in brand promotion, ranging from peculiar merchandise to catchy jingles and exclusive menu items, is yet again offering customers the opportunity to dine like their favorite pop culture icons through celebrity meals. McDonald's "adult" Happy Meal. This year’s designated Happy Meal, officially labeled "The Kerwin Frost Box," is a collaborative effort with DJ, designer, and streetwear luminary Kerwin Frost. Those opting for the Kerwin Frost Box can select either a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac to accompany their chosen fries and beverage. Each box includes one of six distinct McNugget Buddy toys, creatively reimagined by Frost, with a special edition featuring a McNugget Buddy toy adorned with Frost's signature pencil tattoo. Scheduled for release at participating McDonald’s locations from Monday, December 11, until supplies run out, the Kerwin Frost Box presents a unique dining experience. For those unable to visit their local McDonald's, Frost will showcase additional McNugget Buddies-themed merchandise on his website, beginning December 11. A portion of the proceeds from these sales will be contributed to the Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA), an organization offering "information dissemination, workshops, and showcase programs featuring its members' work." Building on the success of last year's Cactus Plant Flea Market box collaboration, which became so popular that a set of the toys is currently listed on eBay for $30,000, McDonald’s continues its trend of celebrity-branded meals. Since September 2020, the fast-food giant has introduced a series of such meals, including the McJordan Special, the Travis Scott Meal, the J Balvin Meal, the BTS Meal, the Saweetie Meal, the Mariah Carey Menu, and the Cardi B and Offset Meal. [select-listicle listicle_id="628805" syndication_name="4-fast-food-restaurants-flavorful-plant-based-picks" description="yes"]

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