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Noah Cyrus Fabricated Dominic Purcell Romance To Play ‘Victim’

Noah Cyrus has apparently "never dated" her mother Tish's husband, Dominic Purcell. We [inlink id="tish-cyrus-stole-dominic-purcell-from-noah" text="recently reported"] that there were rumors circulating that Tish "stole" the Prison Break alum from her estranged daughter, but now another report says that was all a lie to twist the family feud in Noah's favor. The singer, 24, is now being accused by family insiders of "fabricating" a relationship with the Australian native in order to "paint herself as the victim" in her ongoing feud with her mom. [inlink id="noah-cyrus-reveals-xanax-addiction" text="RELATED: Noah Cyrus Reveals Xanax Addiction Was A ‘Dark Pit’"] A source close to the Cyrus family has now told the Daily Mail Wednesday (February 28) that Noah and Dominic were never involved in any sort of romantic relationship, claiming that it would be "delusional" of the youngest Cyrus child to think otherwise. The insider adds that Noah is trying to create a narrative that will "paint her as a victim." Another source tells the publication that the "ludicrous" story about Tish, 56, allegedly stealing Dominic, 54, from her daughter has only further complicated the already difficult dynamic between the two of them. The source says Noah has always felt that her mother "favors Miley" most of the six kids. In a podcast episode Tish hosts with her eldest daughter, Brandi, she was asked exactly which child is her favorite. Unable to give an answer, Tish said both Noah and Miley would try to get her to admit they were her favorite in the February episode. Meanwhile, Brandi would tell her mom, "'We know who your favorite is.' You," Tish finishes, pointing to Brandi. However, the insider who spoke with the publication claims Noah has always "craved" her mother's attention because she didn't receive it growing up. "Tish was always so Miley-sided because that is where the money was," the source added of the close, sister-like dynamic Miley has with her mother that Noah is apparently envious of. The source also cleared up why Noah wasn't present for her mother's August wedding last year. Tish, 56, didn't invite her, and even if the Cyrus matriarch had, Noah wouldn't have come. "Tish wanted a peaceful wedding and did not want Noah to create any sort of scene," the source adds. As Tish has been expressing in her interviews and podcast, she and Dom are head over heels with each other. Meanwhile, Noah and Dominic "never even had a thing going on," a source adds. [select-listicle listicle_id="699380" syndication_name="pop-songs-15-in-2024" description="yes"]

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