Fry’s Electronics. The old Wet ‘n Wild on the Strip. Sam Goody. The list goes on and on. There are so many places that you used to make a regular occurrence in your life that just aren’t there anymore, and it makes us sad!

Obviously things come and go, that’s life. But some of the stores, restaurants and properties of our past we have really fond memories of. The feeling you’d get walking into Blockbuster Video to see if they had your movie in (of course they didn’t have it on the shelf, so you’d go to the front and see if anyone recently returned it). What about walking into Toys R Us and seeing Nintendo 64 for the first time and aisles and aisles of your dreams.

Shawn can rattle off his hometown, dearly departed department stores that he used to frequent. Bradlees, Ames, Caldor, Zayre’s, Fretter, Service Merchandise… all goners.

There are so many brands that are no longer with us, so we pay homage to the things we miss the most here in Las Vegas. Light a candle with us.

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