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Y’all!! We had such an amazing time celebrating Beyonce’s newest album. Her first studio album in 6 years. ‘Renaissance pt1’ was leaked two days before the release date but her true fans waited until Friday! It was worth the wait!

My girlfriends  (who are HUGE Beyonce fans) and I decided to have an album release party as soon as we found out about the album! Our menu and attire were all Beyonce-themed. It was so much fun. We ate, drank, sang, and danced… and believe it or not I believe only one of us was ‘under the weather’ the next day! Not to mention any names (cough cough Cynthia)

On the menu, we had: (pics below)

BEYhive cake – made by my friend Cynthia! AMAZING! (Beyonce fans are part of the Beyhive)

Red Lobster – “I take his ___ to Red Lobster” (A line from Beyonce’s song, Formation)

Lemondrop Martinis – Lemonade (The title of Beyonce’s last album)

Spicy Watermelon Tequila cocktails – (From my favorite Beyonce song Drunk In Love)

Champagne – “Boy, your lips taste like a night of champagne” (A line from Beyonce’s song, Love On Top)

Hot Sauce In My Bag Hot Wings – “I got hot sauce in my bag” (A line from Beyonce’s song, Formation)

Charcuterie Surfboard – (From Beyonce’s song, Drunk In Love)


The Beyonces we chose were: (pics below)

“Be Alive” Beyonce – Yasmine

“Crazy In Love” Beyonce – Taya

“Formation” Beyonce – Cynthia

“Love On Top” Beyonce – me 🙂

Insta Beyonce – Amanda

This is an old video of the first (and only) time I saw Beyonce live. I cried.