Mack, my dog is 4 years old. We adopted her when she was a puppy and she was harder than any baby or teenager we have ever had. She was a chewer and she took forever to be potty trained. All that said when she turned two it was as if she became the best girl in the world. She stopped chewing she was for sure potty trained and she calmed down.

Fast forward to when she was about 3 1/2 years old. We noticed she was getting a little chunky and we didn’t want her to hurt her hips when she ran and jumped and slid around on the hardwood floor. So we put her on a diet. Well, that was a bad idea. She got so mad at us that she started taking food off of the countertop.

She showed us!

We realized we made a mistake and ended her diet early but that didn’t stop her from eating pizza, cookies, or anything she could find on the countertop because now she knew it was there and how to get it and she’s not picky. She has even eaten a pan of roasted broccoli. She also for some odd reason started peeing in our loft in one spot… JUST BECAUSE

This past Sunday she managed to do three things to make me so mad by noon!!!

I had just had my carpets steam cleaned and they looked and smelled amazing… Mack was outside all morning while we were doing yard work when she went back inside she went right up to the loft and peed.

I was so mad! We left her outside while we went to our toddler Roman’s soccer game to punish her and when we got back she had gotten into the garbage and tore open a bag with so much food inside. Tacos, Olive Garden, cake! She tore it all up around the backyard and had quite the meal.

So mad again, but this time she can’t be outside at her personal buffet.

I finally sat down to watch some football after scrubbing the carpet and picking trash up in my backyard and I hear that noise you don’t want to ever hear from your dog… the puking one.

She threw up on the landing AND in the loft!

I love her but she was almost sent to Animal Foundation to find a new family yesterday!

Dogs. God love em!