My son Jayden has been playing football all year around for almost 10 years. He has yet to win a championship. It has been something he has been working towards since his first season when he was 5 years old when they lost the championship game. That all changed this weekend.

We played in the Shook tournament in Henderson over the weekend and our team played in 2 different divisions. Both 14U and 15U. Jayden plays for Game Changers Sports Academy this season and they are such a great group to play for. From the coaches to the team mom to parents & players, it’s a big fun family.

We ended the weekend with 6 wins and 0 losses for 14U and 7 wins and 0 losses for 15U. It was such an exciting weekend. The best part about all of those wins is that the boys stayed super humble and continued their great sportsmanship. They didn’t do their backflips until after the championship games. 😉

One thing about 7×7… it’s for the swag, drip, confidence, and flashiness but ya gotta make sure you do it at the right time. 


Shook Tournaments welcomed teams and families from all over the country this weekend. Teams from here in Las Vegas, Texas, Utah, Hawaii, and more with thousands of spectators. Typically, for these 7×7 tournaments there is a spectator fee which is about $30 per person for the weekend but this weekend they gave spectators the option to pay for their entry or make a donation for Ashari Hughes’ family. She is the 16-year-old Desert Oasis student who passed away earlier this year after her flag football game. Her parents said, “she left us doing what she loved most.”

That is one reason I love football so much. We all have an amazing weird connection through football or any sport.


The boys had a fun safe weekend out there at Heritage park for the tournament. Our Game Changers walked away with 2 trophies and hundreds of memories. Congratulations to all of the teams who participated in the tournament. We will see you at Battle!