Sammi Reeves

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an incredible new display!

Open through March 4th, the new display, “Year of the Rabbit” invites guests to “be immersed in a space reflecting peace and tranquility, where Asian culture is celebrated and honored in thoughtful fashion,” according to a news release from MGM Resorts International.

Each bed featured within the “Year of the Rabbit” display welcomes “new beginnings, layered with meaningful creations that convey messages of harmony, good luck, enlightenment and prosperity.” Ed Libby, the designer behind the project, collaborated with the Bellagio’s Horticulture team to create the elaborate display that honors the Black Water Rabbit, which signifies “deep wisdom and a connection to Earth,” according to MGM Resorts International.

“We’ve designed a beautiful space of tranquility and cultural enlightenment where we hope guests will gather to usher in the Year of the Black Water Rabbit and embrace the good fortune it will bring,” said Libby. “We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to enjoy the Conservatory as it delivers a symbol of hope and prosperity for the new year.”

While the eloquent description of the Lunar New Year display sounds remarkable, the breakdown of the numbers behind “Year of the Rabbit” truly paints the picture as to how elaborate the Bellagio’s display truly is:

  • 45,600: Flowers used to create the topiary children throughout the show
  • 10,000: Jewels on the Year of the Rabbit Medallion
  • 6,500: Plants on display throughout the exhibit
  • 1,065: Cherry blossom branches on the South Bed tree
  • 88: I-Ching coins on the gold money tree
  • 70: Koi fish in the North and South Beds, some second and third-generation fish that were born in the Conservatory
  • 56: Cloisonne-style cherry blossoms
  • 32 feet: Height of the Year of the Rabbit Medallion
  • 14 feet: Diameter of the Jade Rabbit Moon
  • 17 feet: Height of Caishen, God of Wealth
  • 12: Number of rabbit representations in the display
  • 4: Number of hanging jade talisman created with 3D printers
  • 4: Ding Vessels
  • 2: Red-crown cranes made of botanical materials
  • 1: Birdcage with live zebra finches
  • 1: Book of Knowledge

The display is complimentary and open to the public 24/7, so visitors – feel free to visit anytime through March 4th!

See Inside Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens’ “Year of the Rabbit” Display: