Thank you Charlotte for performing and coming to our Invite Only concert series. We are so happy to have heard your stunning vocals.

Canadian superstar Charlotte Cardin gave an intimate and gorgeous performance at the Rockstars of Tomorrow Music School on Thursday.

Cardin recently kicked off her United State radio promo tour, sharing her beautiful vocals to eager listeners across the country.

Charlotte Cardin Gives Las Vegas Locals An Award-Winning Performance

Cardin opened up the show with a ballad called “Next To You.” Her raw, soft yet equally as powerful vocals captivated the audience as she sang touching lyrics that explored heartbreak, lost love and more.

This song spoke to many in the audience who’ve experienced the soul-shattering emotions of heartbreak. Applause covered the room after her first song.

She then performed “Confetti,” which is currently playing on U.S. radio. This song is an “ode” to introverts at a party.

One passage from the song says, “Find me in the club looking golden. I know everyone, I got no friends. I always wanna stay, wanna go, wanna stay, wanna go.”

The lyrics truly show the innerworkings and the emotional war that many of us introverts often feel when we’re at the “party.”

Charlotte Cardin Tells Story About Jim Carrey Calling Her

Another great anecdote from the night is when Charlotte Cardin told the audience about Jim Carrey calling her.

Cardin wrote the song “Jim Carrey” after being inspired by Carrey’s speeches about the faults of ego. In the song, she asks Carrey to marry her with another passage of the song saying, “Goodbye my worthless ego. Without you I’m finally free, oh.”

Eventually, Cardin and her team got in contact with Carrey’s publicist, and they sent Carrey’s team the song. Initally, Cardin didn’t even know if the publicist’s contact information was legitimate. But, the song eventually made its way to Carrey’s ear.

Carrey ended up calling Cardin, and they had an amazing and insightful conversation.

The night ended with eager listeners having a meet-and-greet session with Cardin. Fans lined up to take a picture with the popstar, sharing their thoughts and appreciation for the artist.

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed a moment of beautiful music with us!

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