It’s that time of year again! Time to get your costume ready, buy some candy, and head out to the Halloween Parade of Mischief in Downtown Summerlin! This year’s parade is sure to be a blast, with tons of fun floats and costumes to enjoy. So round up the kiddos and get ready for a spooktacular good time!

There are three new ‘frightfully festive floats’, this spooktacular family-friendly parade will fill the streets of Downtown Summerlin with mischievous mayhem featuring dancing zombies, ghosts, witches, wizards, and more!

The Halloween Parade in Downtown Summerlin is the perfect event for families looking to enjoy some quality time together. The parade features a wide variety of floats and costumes, plus it’s FREE! And if you get there early, you can grab dinner from one of the many delicious restaurants in Downtown Summerlin. We like to go to Bonanno’s and grab a couple of slices of pizza and eat it right there on the street while we wait for the parade to start.

Don’t miss out on the fun! 

The Halloween Parade of Mischief in Downtown Summerlin is the perfect way to enjoy some quality family time. With tons of floats and costumes, there’s something for everyone. Make sure you take a walk around Downtown Summerlin at some point also, because they have cute little photo op stations set up and have decorated so nicely.

Mom hack: After the parade was over my three-year-old, Roman, and my nephew (also 3) wanted to go to Dave and Buster’s. We didn’t want to buy a bunch of coins because they are only interested in each game for a couple of seconds, so we just let them run around and let him think they were playing and racing. If they are young enough to be fooled… try it!

Have a great FREE family night at the Parade of Mischief this weekend.

Check out the pictures of our time at the parade below!

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