Post Malone performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California and broadcast on March 14, 2021.

Post Malone took a hard fall on stage on Friday night in St. Louis. Such a bad fall that the medics had to jump on stage and help him off.

He returned to the stage 15 minutes later and finished the entire set; saying he was sorry about the hold-up many times throughout the show’s last half. Though, he didn’t need to apologize. He came back out with severe pain but finished the show while holding his ribs when he sang.

He took to social media after the show and when he got back from the hospital:

Post was walking down a ramp that extended onto the floor of the arena and when he got to the end there was a hole in the floor that he used to lower his guitar and other instruments during the acoustic part of the show and it hadn’t been covered up yet. The fall was hard and looked scary (video below) he said he had just forgotten that the hole was there.

He isn’t the only one that fell on stage during shows this weekend. Tim McGraw took a fall during his performance at Boots in the Park in Tempe, Arizona on Saturday. Tim walked to the end of the catwalk where he lunged down to point at his guitarist who was in the midst of a solo. When he tried to get back up, he appeared to lose his balance and ended up falling backward off the stage. The thing is he didn’t even miss a beat!

When you are doing LIVE shows anything can happen. Falls off the stage, forgetting lyrics, hair stuck in fans. We have seen it all.

Below are some of the worst stage fails.


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