“Cool For The Summer” Demi couldn’t come to the phone right now… Why? Because she’s dead. Demi Lovato has changed up her look and we are digging it.

Bad girl vibes mixed with girl boss energy is the new hot girl summer era. Little red riding hood gone bad is the new look Demi showcased on her social media on Saturday, June 4.

They uploaded five photos to their Instagram wearing a read hoodie cropped from the armpits down, what looks to be a black bandeau and blue jeans. A total look if you asked any TikTok star.

She captioned the post, “I’m just trying to keep my head above water, I’m your son and I’m your daughter, I’m your mother I’m your father, I’m just a product of the problem.. #SOMTJUNE10th”

Her first track off of her NEW album, “HOLY FVCK” is set to release June 10 called “Skin Of My Teeth.” Fans seem to be really excited for Demi‘s return and have a lot to say about it.

Three Instagram comments that stood out to us were:

“1st pic lil miss red riding hood.. ill be the wolf 🌹” -@Kailegoh

“Be a voice not an echo 🔥” -@Zariyah_kurisu28

“I seriously can’t wait for this 🔥” – @Meegzthelovatic08

Demi Lovato uploaded a teaser for “HOLY FVCK” on Monday, June 6, with the caption “HOLY FVCK  🩸 8/19 | Pre-Order Now”

The clip starts off with a tired looking man filming on a camcorder with snippets showing the process of Demi recording the song with clips popping in and out of her life. The video then takes a quick turn of her in the bathtub looking down with an end screen of that says “8/19.” Her new album is giving pop punk realness and we are living.

Today, June 7, Demi uploaded U.S. tour dates for her new upcoming tour with special guests Dead Sara and Royal & The Serpent. The caption of her post reads, “See you on the #HOLYFVCKTOUR 🩸”

Her tour starts off in Springfield, IL and ends in Irving, Texas. And guess what? They are coming to Vegas September 30 and tickets are available today June 7, at 12 p.m. (noon) until Thursday at 10 p.m. for Citi Bank cardmembers at DemiLovato.com.

We can’t wait to party it up with them in sin city. #HOLYFVCKTOUR #SHESBACK #DEMILOVATO

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