I am not particularly claustrophobic. Cozy little nooks are inviting to me. But I came across videos that the YouTube algorithm decided to feed me last night that still have me shook today.

The YouTube channel is called ActionAdventureTwins. What do they do? They find little holes in the ground, in caves, in waterfalls, and they go in and see what awaits them.

Sure, adventures are nice. Hey, better them than me. But watching these videos on my big screen TV has made a claustrophobe out of me and will equally astound you and gross you out.

ActionAdventureTwins is about to make you claustrophobic…

The first video I watched was innocent enough. A little hole in the earth, they want to poke their head in and take a gander. Fun. Until you realize that tiny hole lead to a massive 220 foot drop into the netherworld filled with water, salamanders, rubble and tight squeezes that would make a coffin look roomy.

How did they decide to start doing this?! What made them decide “oh, almost certain death? Sure why not!”

Once you realize that these crazy labyrinths are just underneath our feet you start to question every step on Earth. Is this step OK or is this the one that opens up a portal to my nightmares? I am literally changed forever after watching these videos. Wow, just wow.

The first video was bad enough but when you start going down the rabbit hole of them going down rabbit holes, you realize it can get a whole lot worse. Take a look at some of the other videos from the channel that will have your jaw on the ground and you in the fetal position while rocking back and forth and begging them to stop… but also wanting them to keep going.

  • "We Found A Waterfall 3 Miles Underground"

    You see bats almost immediately. Great. A couple whiz by their face. Awesome. What if I told you that’s the most comforting part of the video?

  • Rope Leads Down Hundreds Of Feet Into The Earth

    As we all know, if you see a rope leading to an incredibly dark and creepy cave, you must follow it. Dem da rules.

  • Into Hellhole Cave

    Look at 6:09 in. Just look. See that hole? WHO WOULD CRAWL THROUGH THAT?! Then go to 8:50. JUST GO. THE WORDS HE SAYS, YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR.

  • Huge Crystal Discovery Inside Pettyjohns Cave Part 2

    Oh, sure. Why not go 7 miles into a cave? WHEN DOES THE MAGMA START?!

  • Crazy 450 Foot Waterfall In A Cave

    7 miles? TRY A 30 MILE LONG CAVE. We are hyperventilating.

  • The Secret Lake With Endless Tunnels

    Just to ease your anxiety a little, this one is pretty relaxing in comparison. But… yeah. We are nauseous.

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