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Spooky season is quickly approaching! Woop woop!

With fall drinks and treats returning to menus and temperatures (finally) starting to drop, it’s time to shift into fall mode. For those that partake in the festivities surrounding Halloween, we know that the most fun part of the holiday is picking out costumes and dressing up for the occasion. It’s the one set day a year that you can be literally anything or anybody you want. It’s always so fun to see the different characters everyone chooses and how they decide to put together their costumes. Some buy a full costume already pieced together at the store, and some make their entire costume from scratch. Talk about dedication.

Even more fun than choosing a costume for yourself is choosing one for your pet! Our pets are already the cutest little nuggets in the world. How could they get any cuter? I’ll tell you how. Throw a fire helmet on their head. Heart. Literally. Melting.

Sammi Reeves Butch Halloween Sammi Reeves Butch Halloween

A new survey from the National Retail Federation has revealed the most popular pet costumes for Halloween this year chosen by pet owners. After reviewing the list, it’s no wonder why these are the top five. The cuteness overload is nearly too much for any human to handle. And while I was originally planning to dress my dog up in something more unique, these top pet costume ideas are making me second guess everything. Butch would look so cute in all of these!

The fireman costume is gonna be hard to beat this year, but these most popular pet costumes have inspired me and reminded me that it doesn’t take the most originality in the world to conquer Halloween. All that matters is that you have fun with it, and that’s exactly what Butch and I intend to do.

Without further ado, here are the most popular pet costumes for Halloween 2022:

  • 5) Witch

    Witch Pet Halloween Costume

    It only takes a couple of pieces to put this costume together for your furry friend!

  • 4) Bumblebee

    Bumblebee Dog Pet Costume

    Any pet would look ADORBS as a cute little bumblebee.

  • 3) Bat

    Bat Cat Pet Costume

    If you can wrangle your pet for long enough to slide on the bat wings, this one is a sure-fire winner.

  • 2) Hot Dog

    Hot Dog Pet Costume

    Okay. Butch might have to be a hot dog this year. Sorry, Butch.

  • 1) Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Dog Pet Costume

    My heart just skipped a beat. Cutest pumpkin in the patch!

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