It was another short week on Aimee+Shawn! We are getting used to this four day work week thing, and frankly we can’t imagine going back.

The week started with a recap of an absolutely amazing show. Shawn and several of the 102.7 VGS crew went to Resorts World Theatre to watch the incredible David Blaine do the unthinkable. Sewing his mouth, jumping from high heights, holding his breath for 11 minutes. It was astounding! Further astounding? Aimee has never been to a magic show in Las Vegas! No, we didn’t stutter. We are shocked too. It’s a right of passage.

While Aimee never saw a magician make things disappear, she has made the home next door do it. Every family that moves in comes out divorced. Like clockwork. Now a new family as moved in and she’s faced with a predicament. Tell them, or watch them crumble from afar.

Monday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Shawn joined Sammi for the MLK Day Parade in downtown. But while the talk of the day should have been his legacy, the world caught wind of this. A massive bronze art piece in Boston that has people blushing, depending on which angle the view it at. Aimee and Shawn took a look at the Rorschach test of a piece and figure out what we can see.

Then, an emotional reunion…

Aimee found out that the drink she thought left her forever was back. No, it wasn’t wine. It’s dry January after all. No, this was the white can of Rockstar Energy Drink. The formula was changed and she noticed right away. Her heart, shattered. Tastebuds were disappointed. But, wait, is that a miracle coming from around the bend?!

Shawn recounted the time he took his sedan off-roading to avoid an accident on Interstate 15. His wife was pregnant. His driving was impeccable. But unfortunately the drivers in front of him had other plans.

Finally, we learn of the story of Sister Mary Johnice who chased off some would-be thieves trying to strip her church building of metal. We give her the AI Story Time treatment to see how a movie in her honor will go.

We are back Monday with tickets to Madonna! Have a great weekend!

  • David Blaine Blew Shawn's Mind This Weekend

    It was an incredible night of illusion at Resorts World this past weekend. Yet, somehow amazingly, Aimee has never seen a magic show in Las Vegas?! HOW?!

  • Is The House Next To Aimee Cursed With Divorce?

    Three families have entered the home. Three families have gone through divorce. Should Aimee tell the fourth family that just moved in?

  • Things We Thought We Wanted As Kids

    Ah, remember having dreams an aspirations?!

  • That Time We Sang... And We Sucked

    Both Aimee and Shawn have some experience singing in front of a crowd, and both have some experience being rank at it.

  • What If Technology Just Went Away?

    ChatGPT. Social Media. Robots in restaurants. What if, one day, it just all stopped working. Are we in trouble?

  • New MLK Statue In Boston Raising Eyebrows, Causing Laughter

    We know he had a dream, but we don’t think they were this lewd.

  • One Small Thing That'll Instantly Make You Suspect Cheating

    Across the world, millions of women buy Strawberry Jam.

  • Stuff Our Kids Watch On YouTube

    Shawn’s oldest has been sick with a fever for a few days, which has him out of it on the couch and watching YouTube. Shawn got a look and… some of these videos are the dumbest things he’s ever seen.

  • Rockstar Broke Aimee's Heart... And Put It Back Together

    They took away her favorite drink many years ago and thought she wouldn’t notice…

  • The Feed: Nun Chases Down Robbers In Buffalo, New York

    Hear this story first, you’ll need it for context later…

  • Funny Freudian Slips

    Shawn left a nice tip and it had the cashier stumbling over herself.

  • Alec Baldwin Charged! Will He Serve Time?

    The shoe finally dropped on Alec Baldwin. We debate what is next for the actor.

  • The Feed: Cousins Marry Each Other (Accidentally)... Have A Kid Too!

    It wasn’t a DNA test that tipped them off… it was a little too late for that.

  • The Off-Road Road Trip From Hell

    One time, many moons ago, Shawn was proven wrong. But he was SO CLOSE to being right.

  • AI Story Time: Sister Mary Full Of Vengeance, The Movie

    We return to Buffalo and let artificial intelligence give us the treatment for an imaginary movie that is coming soon in theaters.