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Another day older, and another week wiser on Aimee+Shawn this week. It began with Shawn turning the tender age of 39. Aimee had the day off (celebrating Shawn’s birthday, one can assume)… but young Sammi from the afternoon show was there to make him feel even older.

Shawn brought his dog to the vet for a $400 dental cleaning. So why did he walk out with a $2700 bill?! Did Shawn get screwed?

When Aimee came back on Tuesday, we got a breakthrough. Her son pretty clearly does not want to be associated with her on the internet for the sheer embarrassment of it all. But he has started to teach his mother TikTok dances. Is it going well? Not quite… but it’s bonding time!

Valentine’s Day brought gift bags to the Tempesta residence. One parent thought it was a good idea to add confetti to theirs. Shawn wants them thrown in prison. They discuss gift etiquette and the whole concept of everyone getting a gift for everything in the first place.

Aimee, somehow, got lost going to the Sahara. When she got there, she took in Magic Mike Live with her mom… who had to use her safe word. Several times.

This week brought a new term to the show: “playing it forward”. This is when a listener calls and tries to win tickets for another listener who is having a really tough time winning games on the show. First it was Courtney who “played it forward” to win tickets for Buckeye Bob in Radio Roulette… then Katrina took on Google Predicts to win tickets for Sandra! How can you not love these listeners?!

Finally, Aimee took on Presidential trivia with disastrous results.

Next week on Aimee+Shawn…

The show returns Tuesday (thanks President’s Day!) with tickets to see Maroon 5 at Dolby Live at Park MGM! Enjoy the weekend, and see you then!

  • Today Is Shawn's Birthday... And He Hates It

    It is Shawn’s least favorite day of the year: his birthday. From the chain restaurant songs to burdening people with their needing to remember the day he was born… he’s just not that into it.

  • Rihanna's Super Bowl Performance Was... Alright

    Sure she was pregnant, but this is the Super Bowl. What’d YOU think of her Halftime Show performance?

  • Stores Are Now Locking Up Bars Of Soap

    A “quick” trip to CVS turned into a longer affair as he waited for someone with a key to give him access to…soap.

  • Shawn's Dog Had A Hefty Vet Bill

    A simple dental cleaning turned into a nearly $3,000 visit! How?! Why?! And does your vet tell you what they told Russ The Driver (to not get your dog’s teeth cleaned yearly)?

  • Getting Married On The Cheap

    We’ve been to the pricey weddings and we’ve been to the cheap ones. Which ones do we enjoy more?

  • Aimee's Son Is Trying To Teach Her TikTok Dances

    Sure, he is pretending he doesn’t know her on social media… but Jayden is trying to get his mom cool enough to show to his friends. So far… it’s not going well.

  • Keeping Up With Other Moms (Or STOP PUTTING CONFETTI IN GIFT BAGS)

    Shawn has had it with the undeclared Pinterest war of moms that is going on at every birthday party, classroom and football field in Las Vegas right now.

  • Putting Away The Laundry Is The Worst Chore Ever

    Thank God Aimee and Shawn aren’t “together”, because if they were there would never be a hung or folded piece of clothing again.

  • How Do You Get Lost Going To The Sahara In Las Vegas?

    It quite literally has its own street. It is next to the tallest landmark in the valley. HOW do you miss it by a couple miles?!

  • Screaming The Safe Word At Magic Mike Live

    Once Aimee and her mom DID make it to Sahara… it was a party at MML! Until mom was getting pulled on-stage.

  • Pushing Back When Companies Take Advantage Of You

    This is the 10 year anniversary of Shawn speaking up for himself and getting a company to open their wallet to the tune of thousands of dollars after broken promises left him in a precarious situation.

  • CNN's Don Lemon Tells Us When Women Are In Their Prime

    It’s evident that Don hasn’t spoken to women before, because if he had he know this was a TERRIBLE conversation to have.

  • Listeners Playing It Forward On "Google Predicts"

    This marks TWICE this week that a listener has called to win another listener tickets to a show. Man, we love our people!

  • What Is Internet, Anyways?!

    Back in 1994, “Today” famously had no idea what the Internet was. Aimee+Shawn wonder what their moment of embarrassment will be in a decade…

  • Young Aimee Wrote To Oprah... Young Shawn Wrote To Nancy Kerrigan...

    Both Aimee and Shawn wrote to celebrities they were fans of. While Aimee loved Oprah, Shawn loved Nancy Kerrigan.

  • Presidential Historian Aimee Thomas Tries Trivia

    Can Aimee answer any questions correctly about United States Presidents before we head off for a three day President’s Day weekend?

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