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That’s the end of another week on Aimee+Shawn and man are our… legs… tired.

On Monday, Shawn, 102.7 VGS afternoon host Sammi and several other members of the Beasley Media Group family laced up their shoes and headed to The STRAT. The group went up 1,455 steps to go from the bottom to the top of the famed Las Vegas landmark for Scale The STRAT benefitting the American Lung Association. Shawn did finish but it turns out he was one of the slowest times of the day. 602nd out of 622 competitors. Yikes.

The showing for Shawn was so bad, he finally broke. With Aimee on her keto kick, and Sammi planning to get fit and try out to be a Raiderette, Shawn (who was the one person on the staff that really needs to get healthier) decided to get on board.

Aimee couldn’t make the event (but she climbed every step last week). Instead she went out to Mesquite for her son’s football tournament. That tournament turned out to be a big, dramatic disaster that had fists flying, parking lots inescapable, and more insanity.

Meanwhile, Aimee’s friend is going to inherit some property… but that friend’s wife is already calling dibs, and that friend’s parents aren’t quite dead yet. Awkward.

The show also took on the biggest issue going on behind the scenes at 102.7 VGS… reply all emailers. The ones that find it necessary to send “Thanks!” to 112 fellow employees.

Finally, in a heartwarming moment, Aimee+Shawn read a book to all the schools at once for Nevada Reading Week.

What’s coming up this week on Aimee+Shawn?

The show returns Monday with a concert ticket double down all week! Two times during each show, listen and win tickets to not only Gorillaz at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood… but also Red Hot Chili Peppers at Allegiant Stadium! See you Monday!

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  • Shawn Nearly Finished Last In 'Scale The STRAT'

    He came, he saw, he barely finished. Shawn tackled Scale The STRAT benefitting the American Lung Association and while he did make 1,455 steps… his finishing time didn’t set any records. Even close.

  • Movies That Haven't Been Made Yet

    Shawn got a chance to see Cocaine Bear and he absolutely loved it. The movie was “based on a true story” but it turns out… it was barely based on a true story. Is there another barely based on a true story story that has yet to be told?

  • Drama On And Off The Field For Aimee's Son's Football Tournament

    Fighting over parking spots. Fighting on the field. It was a mess over the weekend in Mesquite, and it led to Aimee and her fam going home early.

  • The Ol' Gold Ring For Gas Money Trick

    Shawn was pulling out of the station and a guy pulled next to him in a panic… needing gas money… motioning towards his gold ring… and he knew it was a scam.

  • The Lengths Aimee+Shawn Went To Not Pay For Entertainment

    AT&T Sportsnet is shutting down soon, but Shawn hasn’t been able to legally watch the network in a while. The two talk about the things we’ve done to watch what we want to watch…without paying.

  • Who Cleans Up The 'Sick' In Your House?

    It was a sweet moment with Shawn’s son sitting on his lap… then… in an instant… he exploded. Vomited everywhere. Aimee asked who cleaned because whenever someone ralphs in her house, she’s on cleaning duty.

  • Shawn's No Good Very Bad Overnight Camp Story

    It was a dark and frightful night the one day that Shawn was in overnight camp. He recounts the horrifying twilight he spent at a summer camp that led to counselors getting fired and his back itching a lot.

  • Selling Things On Facebook Marketplace Is Painful

    Four months. That’s how long Shawn had items up on Facebook Marketplace without a taker. He finally snapped over the weekend and sold his stuff at 10 cents on the dollar.

  • It's Not Yours Until They Die

    Aimee’s friend is getting an inheritance. Aimee’s friend’s wife is already calling that inheritance “theirs”. Only one problem… Aimee’s friends parents are still alive.

  • Shawn Is Tired Of Being Out Of Shape

    Shawn’s embarrassing showing at Scale The STRAT finally made him snap. He’s on a mission to get healthier…

  • Making Your Kids Walk To School In The Snow

    It’s been snowing in the area… like, a lot! Aimee’s hubby has no problem making their son walk to school in it…

  • Reply All Emails Should Be Thrown Into The Pits Of Hell

    There is a scourge that has taken over the 102.7 VGS inboxes… unnecessary reply all emails.

  • Kids Say The Darnedest Things...

    After reading to some classes for Nevada Reading Week, Aimee realized quickly that kids today are way sharper and funnier than we were.

  • Aimee+Shawn Read 'Giraffes Can't Dance' To The Kids...

    Speaking of Nevada Reading Week, while both Aimee and Shawn are speaking to kids this week, they decided to read a book to the entire city at once… and it’s a classic.

  • Parts Of The House You Just Don't Use

    Think about it… there are parts of the house you just never get to. The cabinets over the fridge? WHO USES THOSE?!

  • Teachers That Had It Out For Us

    Shawn recounts the one teacher in high school that never seemed to give him a fair shake. Aimee had a teacher like that too. Turns out… we all have.

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